With 3,660 (as of writing) cases in the Philippines, the COVID-19 Task Force has announced an extension to the lockdown of Luzon to 30 April 2020. This decision will bring the lockdown past the one-month mark and means the country is going to stay offline for eCommerce for the foreseeable future.

This doesn't come to a shock as the curve for the Philippines is only likely to continue to rise and not flatten out anytime soon. The COVID-19 situation is continuously evolving, and everything is changing every hour. Businesses within and outside the Philippines are experiencing much volatility and stress.

The lockdown has been going on since 15 March of 2020 and since then, flights, cargo and domestic linehaul has come to a screeching slow. ECommerce volumes have completely dropped to zero due to movement restrictions for Luzon, home to Metro Manila. Currently, movement between regions of the Philippines is only allowed for relief and essential goods. Authorities continue to prohibit non-essential goods and personnel from moving from one area to another.

Aersure has officially suspended operations within the Philippines from 15 March with the last movement being storing our already landed parcels into secured storage.

In light of the current news, Aersure will be extending our suspension in operations to 30 April 2020.

Do contact us if you have concerns or have urgent shipments to the Philippines, Aersure has a dedicated operation lane to the Philipines for urgent/critical goods.