Every day, the COVID-19 situation is constantly developing. With that, we bring you more updates as the countries we are operating in gets affected by government guidelines, regulations and measures again the virus.

Singapore has just announced today the ceasing of retail stores opening and restricting businesses to operate only if that business is essential. This means that a lot of stores, malls and streetside shops are all subject to closure for 1 full month. Effective from 7 April, retail stores as well as businesses, will be stopping operations. Offices will be required to work from home 100%.

The government has exempted critical and essential businesses to continue to function including food and goods deliveries, warehouses and supply chains will continue to function.

As such, Aersure's operations in Singapore is not affected, however, this is subject to change at any time given the current situation.

If you have any ongoing or upcoming parcels with us, don't worry and we'll still be able to serve you without disruption! If there is any disruption to come, we will be updating you promptly.

If you are having problems shipping to your customers in APAC during this difficult time, please feel free to contact us and we will explore the different ways Aersure can help you maintain your business' operations and needs!