It is finally here! A new way for merchants to manage their order shipments easily! We have worked hard for this moment, and it is finally here! We'd like to proudly introduce to you, Aerdash, the platform and service, catered to you.

“Wow, Aaron, What’s the hold up? Christmas is right around the corner now!”, you ask?

Well, I’m glad to finally announce that Aerdash (Aersure’s shipment management dashboard) is live and has been made available for shippers. It definitely took a lot longer than expected and some bugs are just harder to squash than others.

Our focus for the first release was to give our shippers visibility. One of our principles is transparency and this release is all about managing that transparency.

In this release, you’re able to see all of your current and past shipments in an easy bird’s eye view with our Shipment Page, sort by destination or by the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your shipments to destination country to easily get to the right shipment fast!

We don’t say transparency for the sake of saying it, clicking on one of your shipments will take you to the Shipment Details Page. Here, you’re able to see at a quick glance the latest statuses that each of your parcels are in! In the same fashion, clicking on one of your parcels will take you to the Parcel Details Page where we breakdown the statuses and also provide you with timestamps of the statuses. What’s more? All of them are real-time!

Need to zone into a particular shipment or parcel? Take our search bar for a spin and find the right shipment or parcel in a jiffy.

Also, if you ever need to update your account details, fetch API Credentials, or need support from our Parcel Specialists, we are only a click away on Aerdash!

What you see isn’t the final and only version of Aerdash. Once we gather enough feedback from shippers like yourself, we will see how we can work that into the product roadmap and eventually release it.

If you manage to spot bugs on Aerdash or just have general feedback on the usability or design of Aerdash, you know what to do!